At Titan Demolition we offer an innovative and simple service for the collection, treatment and recovery of mixed recycled waste.

We see waste as a valuable resource and we focus on the reuse, recycling or recovery of materials, rather than disposing of them via landfill.

 Our easy to use mixed recycling waste service collects paper, card, plastic and cans in one container or bin. This provides a sustainable recycling solution that is not only cost effective, but is also environmentally friendly. This service greatly improves recycling performance, providing a demonstrable reduction in the amount of waste being put into your general/non-recyclable waste bin.

We provide a wide range of containers for your mixed recycling. These are all clearly labelled to help with the segregation of recycled waste from other waste streams and to increase recycling rates. Please see our recycling policy for more information on our waste streams.

We collect all types of hazardous waste safely and efficiently using our specialised fleet of vehicles. The waste is transported to our large hazardous waste transfer station where our expert staff use specialist equipment for recovery, recycling and treatment.

We also specialise in providing all sizes of skips for all types of waste:

Roll on Roll Off Available for 20 and 40-yard loads:

We also offer clearance of the following materials:

Mixed Rubbish – Hardcore – Wood – Plasterboard – Glass – Food Waste – Hazardous Waste – Paper – Cardboard – Metal – Confidential Waste – Plastics

Please contact us for more information and a quotation.


We offer a free loading service for the first 30 minutes with an additional charge of £1.50 per minute.

We only charge for additional extras when strictly necessary.

See below for details, if in doubt please give us a call.

Examples of extra charges for: Fridge, Freezer, Industrial Fridges, Car/Truck Tyres, TVs/Computers, Paint (charged per rubble bag), Heavy and Dense Waste (60kg = 1 cubic yard charged) and Additional Labour if required (reasonable labour is included).

Also available on request: skips, grab hire, free metal collection service. We will pay you for high quality metals.

Click to view Titan’s Recycling Policy