Strip Out London

Strip Out, 16 – 22 Baltic Street West, London

Company – Polyteck Building Services Ltd

Project breakdown:

  • Strip out and Demolition works throughout 5 floors of the building
  • Removal of floor finishes
  • Removal of walls
  • Removal of toilets
  • Strip out of stairwell
  • Removal of all partitioning/stud walls
  • Removal of all doors and frames
  • Removal of all ceilings
  • Removal of all lighting
  • Removal of all data facilities and cabling
  • Removal of all plumbing and drainage
  • Removal of all M + E / services
  • Removal of all floor finishes
  • Removal of all carpet
  • Removal of all raised access flooring
  • Removal of all fixtures and fittings
  • Removal of all soft wood and skirting
  • Removal of all benching
  • Removal of all wall cupboards
  • Removal of all shelving and sink units
  • Removal of all blinds
  • Removal of all toilets and sanitary items
  • Removal of all plant on roof
  • Removal of all internal non load bearing walls
  • Removal of all stairwell finishes

We were asked to carry out the above works at Baltic Street West. We did strip out and demolition works throughout, including mechanical and electrical strip out works.

On this particular project we was instructed to follow the Breeam Construction Waste Management requirements and regulations, which instructs us to promote resource efficiency, via the effective management and reduction of construction waste.

Throughout the Breeam management process you gain credits, and we were extremely pleased that we achieved the maximum credits given on this project.

At Titan we are very keen on recycling. Working with bream you really do maximise the reuse of everything recyclable and it really does help the reduction of construction waste and we will definitely look to working with them again.

We worked closely with Polyteck to insure that they were happy throughout the project, and to insure there was no misunderstandings along the way. Overall it was a smooth ride and the project was completed professionally, efficiently and swiftly.

View the waste report

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