Strip Out & Demolition Harrow Road, North London

Project: 750-756 Harrow Road, London, NW10 5LE
Client: Vabel
Project Type: Demolition
Works Duration: 8 weeks

Project breakdown:

  • Disconnection of original services
  • Installation of temporary services
  • Full strip out of all buildings back to shell
  • Full demolition of 3 storey flats
  • Full demolition of a 2 storey warehouse
  • Full demolition of single storey offices
  • Removal of concrete beam structure
  • Breaking out of concrete using a Brokk 330 with hammer and crusher
  • Breaking out of full site slab with a 12 tonne excavator with hammer attachment
  • Removal of steel structural beams with a city crane and cherry picker
  • Installation of weather proofing with a cherry picker
  • Full structural engineer drawing’s and reports
  • Installation of concrete pad stones to fix the steel propping to
  • Installation of steel propping to retain the neighbouring boundary walls
  • Removal of all strip out waste on Titan wait & loads
  • Removal of all brick/block & inert in roll on roll off container

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