Demolition and Site Clearance Princess Parade

Project: Princess Parade
Client: Curzon
Project Type: Demolition and Site Clearance
Works Duration: 4 weeks

Titan Demolition carried out the complete demolition and site clearance of Heather Garden’s, Golders Green and structural works to Princess Parade, Golders Green. This project was initiated by an emergency call out due to the building being on fire and the need for the building to be made safe as quickly as possible. Titan Demolition played a Principle Contractor role for this project. Carrying out the following:

  • Working with emergency services
  • Demolition of Heather Gardens
  • Façade retention, scaffolding of Princess Parade
  • Full structural support of the building
  • Isolation of all services
  • Removal of hazardous waste
  • Day to day issues
  • Health & safety on site

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