Plant Room Removal | Mechanical and Electrical Removal

Plant room, mechanical and electrical removal is a serious business. Leave it to us.

If there’s ever time you need to leave something to the experts this is it. Removing plant rooms, dissembling mechanical equipment and cutting off gas and electrics is a specialist task which needs to be done with the utmost care.

With us, there’s no cutting corners. We take the time to do it properly. Safety will be of paramount importance. We’ll check and double check everything and certificate to the electrics being cut off. And we’ll demonstrate to you that everything is safe and complete before we walk away.

We’re experienced in stripping out plant rooms and mechanical and electrics, even in challenging logistical circumstances where equipment is sited in roofs and other difficult to access areas. We’re often called in by other demolition firms to help them with this specialist task.
plant room removal london

  • Complete adherence to Health and Safety
  • Experience in the most logistically difficult circumstances
  • Certification and demonstration that electrics are cut off
  • Able to support other demolition companies as well as construction firms

The risks of inexperienced and unsafe removal of mechanical and electrical equipment are high. Do not take them. For peace of mind and confidence in safe plant room removal, call us now on
0808 146 9212