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Titan Demolition - Deliveries / CollectionWe’ll Collect & Deliver All the Materials You Need

Titan Demolition Ltd can help you move the materials that are too heavy, bulky or hazardous for you to move yourself.

Collection and delivery as well as all the other services Titan Demolition offers? You read that right. If you have a project that requires materials to be collected at one spot and then delivered to another, we are the company for you.

No, we’re not the Royal Mail! We’re not talking about letters and parcels. We will collect the materials you need to accomplish your project — earth, bricks, tools; whatever it is that you can’t move yourself — and take them to your project site.

This is how you’ll benefit from using the Titan Demolition Deliveries and Collections service:

  • Less overall expense and hassle for you than renting industrial vehicles
  • Much greater safety, because your materials will be transported by experienced professionals
  • The flexibility of contracting collection and delivery exactly when you want it, with no need to panic about returning rented vehicles by a certain time
  • Less stress, fatigue and risk of injury for you and the other members of your project

We offer the Deliveries and Collections service to both individuals and companies in London and Surrey. So whether you’re trying to get a couple of tons of paving slabs ready to go in your back garden or preparing to start construction on a new building, Titan Demolition would be delighted to be a part of your project.

Give us a call today on 0808 146 9212. We’ll give you a professional, safe and efficient service that will kick-start your new project.