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When it comes to Asbestos, knowledge is king

For construction companies and demolition companies, Asbestos is a big worry and if found, a significant challenge.

In buildings built before 2000, asbestos could be found. It may occur in all types of buildings. It causes around 5000 deaths every year.

At Titan, we know that knowledge is king. The rules and regulations around the health and safety aspects of asbestos are a minefield. That’s why we ensure that all our workers and labourers undertake training courses in Asbestos awareness and have access at all times to resources including training manuals and a dedicated Health and Safety Advisor.

We’re not a specialist asbestos removal firm. But we know how to recognise it, how to deal with it and who to contact. We can guide and support you through the process, calling on our own specialist partners to carry out any necessary work.
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  • All labourers put through awareness and training courses in Asbestos
  • Compulsory Asbestos awareness refresh meetings every eight weeks for all employees
  • Manuals, handbooks and DVDs always accessible in the office and on site
  • Dedicated Health and Safety Advisor who carries out regular site visits and works closely with the site supervisor
  • Experienced in recognising Asbestos and taking the appropriate steps
  • Close links with credible specialist Asbestos removal companies
  • Guidance, support and communication throughout the process
  • Training programmes used include; CITB, HSG210, ConstructionSkills, SSSTS, SAS

Leave the worry about Asbestos to us. The steps we take to recognise and deal with possible Asbestos are second to none. Like everything we do at Titan, it will be taken seriously, dealt with safely and resolved successfully. Call 0808 146 9212