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When You Need A Titanic Demolition,
Leave it in the Hands of the Gods…

We’re Titan Demolition and we know how costly choosing the wrong contractor can be for an organisation. It’s vitally important that you select the best company for what you need. A company with the right blend of experience, technical know-how and nous, a company you can trust. If you are looking for an expert London demolition company – Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

What makes us stand out and why should you choose us over our competitors?

It’s the way we work. We are proud of the fact that you won’t find the same range of services with any other company. Have a look! Try to find a competitor that offers as much as we do. And that’s not all: unlike many of our competitors, we don’t sub-contract work out to other companies. Unless under exceptional circumstances, when you choose to work with Titan Demolition, you can always be sure that it’s us working with you.We take a lot of time to employ the right demolition engineers and only want to fulfil your project using the right people. We think of every one of our team as a company ambassador and if they fall short, we fall short. That’s why you can expect courtesy, confidence, enthusiasm and an unstoppable need to get the job done properly from everyone you meet at Titan Demolition. And a complete knowledge of the most modern techniques, the best working practices and an almost nerdy interest in the latest technology to enable a better job.You’ll probably want to contact a few companies to get an idea of how they’d deal with your project, how long they would take, when they can fit you in to their schedule and, of course, how much they’d charge you. Please do that — we won’t be offended, we welcome the competition and are very confident that you will make the right choice.

“Titan are a professional demolition contractor who undertake their works for the right price and in a quick and safe manner.”

Ian @ Huntsmere

You can rely on Titan. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Whatever we do for you, you can be sure it’s us that’s doing it. We don’t sub-contract work out, unless under exceptional circumstances
  • Every demolition we perform is conducted with safety utmost in our minds. We’ll plan everything out beforehand and you won’t ever get any nasty surprises
  • We can do your strip outs and enable you to de-rate your building quickly, efficiently and with maximum recycling of materials
  • Whatever industrial use you’ve made of your land, we can clear your waste hygienically and with regard to the environment

“We at Denham & Gilchrist have used Titan Demolition frequently for strip out jobs on our various properties. We have always a received quick and professional service. Always completed to a high standard!”

Denham and Gilchrist

When a job’s too big for just any old London demolition company, you need Titans to do it right. Call Titan Demolition Ltd today on 0808 146 9212 and let’s get things started.

Titanic Demolition Services

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You’re in safe hands with Titan Demolition Ltd. We use the latest equipment and techniques, train our teams to an extremely high level of ability and professionalism, and have the experience that comes from many years of designing and managing projects of varying sizes and levels of complexity. Read More…

Titan Demolition - Strip Outs

Strip Outs

Imagine how complicated it would be if your organisation tried to strip out the floor coverings or ceilings of one of its buildings. Or if it removed whole systems, such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical cables. You’d never dream of trying to do it yourself — you’d contact the experts. Read More…

Titan Demolition - Rubbish Clearance

Rubbish Clearance

It is becoming more and more important for organisations to plan the disposal of their waste products carefully. Legislative regulations and social expectations to act in the best interests of the environment combine to put great pressure on industry to recycle wherever possible. Read More…

Titan Demolition - Site Clearance

Site Clearance

If you have land that you’d like to use for commercial or residential use, or even for landscaping, you need to make sure it’s cleared safely and tidily enough for you to begin. Titan Demolition’s site clearance service can quickly make your site ready for purpose, with safety at the forefront of everything we do. Read More…

Titan Demolition - Deliveries / Collection


We offer the Deliveries and Collections service to both individuals and companies. So whether you’re trying to get a couple of tons of paving slabs ready to go in your back garden or preparing to start construction on a new building, Titan Demolition would be delighted to be a part of your project. Read More…

Titan Demolition - Groundworks


If you have land that you’d like to profit from, but aren’t able to put into a state fit for use, call Titan Demolition Ltd. With our groundsworks service we can excavate what you have, level it properly, and take away any materials that need disposal. We can even put in any material necessary for levelling. Read More…

Recent Projects by Titan Demolition

Titan Demolition offers a fleet of vehicles and machinery to cope with any of your needs. Even if we do not advertise a service that you require, please call us as we may still be able to help.


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